911 Operator is a new free-to-play game from Epic Games
September 14, 2023

911 Operator is a new free-to-play game from Epic Games

As the name suggests, 911 Operator is a game in which you play the not-so-easy role of an operator who solves emergency situations. Unlike our separate numbers for emergency services, fire and police, in most of the world, including in the US, you are first answered by an operator who helps you or forwards the call to the appropriate services.

That’s why we say that the job in this game is anything but easy. It is up to you to respond to incoming calls, react appropriately and give clear instructions regarding first aid, advice, or forward them to the competent services. Of course, there are calls that should be simply ignored, but you will see that for yourself.

The unpredictable part of this game is that on the other side may be a person who is very sick or injured, a terrorist or a teenager who is bored at home. It is up to you to judge what to do in each of these situations.

The game has thousands of cities around the world, and the Free Play mode gives you the opportunity to choose the city where you want to be an operator. The game will download the map, streets, addresses and infrastructure of emergency services. In addition, you can choose the Career mode and try to fight 6 cities with unique events – for example, earthquakes in San Francisco or bombings in Washington.

Numerous police, fire and medical units are at your disposal. The force can use a variety of vehicles (from regular ambulances to police helicopters), basic equipment (eg body armor, first aid kits and technical tools) and consists of team members with different abilities.

The game is free from September 14, 2023 at 5 p.m. to September 21, 2023 at 5 p.m., when Epic will be waiting for us with a new game or games. You can download 911 Operator from this link, and considering that it came out seven years ago, the game works beautifully on literally a fifteen-year-old computer, and it replaces the excellent Spelldrifter.