14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros with new M3 chips launched
October 31, 2023

14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros with new M3 chips launched

The new MacBook Pro computers, in addition to the new chips, also received a new, darker color option, called “Space Black”, which, as Apple claims, retains fingerprints to a lesser extent during use. The new 14-inch laptops with the basic new M3 chips don't have a Touch Bar, and that model is practically the natural successor to the thirteen-inch M1 MacBook Pro, but it's bigger and more expensive.

However, even though the mentioned model with the basic M3 processor costs 1600 dollars, it is the first time that a laptop with a screen diagonal of 14 inches reached such a low price. Previously, the older 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar came with the M2 chip, and the 14-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 chip cost $2,000.

Of course, the same computer model with a more advanced M3 Pro processor will still cost you $2,000, and prices go up from there, as we assumed, for configurations with the best chips in the series, namely M3 Max processors. On the other hand, the base 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M3 Pro chip will have the same $2,500 starting price as its M2 Pro chipset-equipped predecessor.

Other hardware features of the laptop remain largely the same, including features such as Apple's 1080p FaceTime cameras and six-speaker sound systems. The only small change is that the Liquid Retina XDR displays on the new M3 MacBook Pro can now display 20 percent brighter SDR content than before with a maximum brightness of 600 nits. The previous generation had this limited to 500 nits.

The I/O on the new MacBook Pro laptops is quite similar to its M2 counterparts – three Thunderbolt 14 ports, an HDMI port, an SD card reader and a MagSafe charging connector.

But thanks to the new generation of M3 chips, the new MBP computers should have some very noticeable performance increases. In general use, Apple claims that the 14″ MacBook Pro is up to 60 percent faster than the 13″ M1 model, while still offering up to 22 hours of battery life. If, on the other hand, you switch to a 14-inch laptop with an M3 Pro processor, you get allegedly 40 percent faster performance than the equivalent M1 Pro MacBook Pro model.

The new PCs with the best M3 Max processors will support up to 128 GB of unified memory for improved workflows in applications such as MATLAB, DaVinci Resolve and others. However, if not the most intriguing piece of information, devices with these chips, compared to the fastest MacBook Pros based on Intel processors from 2021, are said to achieve up to 11 times faster performance.

The entire generation of M3 chips also supports hardware acceleration and RayTracing lighting effects. It could be a big improvement for gamers, but also for those who deal with animations and 3D modeling. That way, they could take advantage of the more efficient processing power on the M3 chip in supported applications.

Also, the base 14” M3 MBP has 8GB of combined memory and 512GB of storage, while the 1TB storage option is $200 more at $1,700. This model with the more advanced M3 Pro chip has 18 GB of combined memory and 512 GB of dedicated storage, and of course there is an option here with 1 TB of space and a 96 W USB-C power adapter for $2,400. The top model with the M3 Max processor has a 36 GB/1 TB configuration and is the most expensive of the 14-inch models, costing $3,200.

When it comes to the larger-screen MacBook Pro, the one with the M3 Pro processor comes in configuration options with 18/512GB and a 140W USB-C power adapter for $2,500, while the option with 36GB of unified storage costs $2,900. These models with M3 Max chips cost $3,500 for the variant with 36 GB of memory, or $4,000 for the one with 48 GB.

Pre-orders for all new MacBook Pro models with the M3 and M3 Pro chips begin today, with shipping starting on November 7, it was announced at the Scary Fast event. However, computers with M3 Max processors should arrive a little later next month.