10 Most Viewed Reviews of 2023 on the Benchmark YouTube Channel
December 23, 2023

10 Most Viewed Reviews of 2023 on the Benchmark YouTube Channel

The end of another challenging but successful year is behind us, so it’s the right time to see what it is 10 most viewed reviews in 2023 either on our Benchmark YouTube kanalu.

Which device attracted the most attention, what interested you the most and from which price budget?

Is it someone from the premium segment, a cheaper model from the budget segment, or simply something from the Best Buy class, the popular middle segment? Let’s go in order, these are the Top 10 most viewed reviews:

1. Samsung Galaxy A54
Maybe this is a surprise to some, maybe they expected a top premium model in the first place, but no, the most viewed device is from the middle segment, Samsung’s flagship and the main trump card in this class – Galaxy A54

Before the Samsung Galaxy A54 phone was a task that it simply had to fulfill: to be at least a worthy successor to the A52 model after last year’s problem with the processors.

2. Motorola Edge 40
Fully deserved, the second most viewed video is a review of Motorola’s trump card in the middle segment, very popular in our market Edge 40 model. This phone then won our Best Buy device award.

In a category that has been dominated by Samsung and Xiaomi phones for years, the Motorola Edge 40 surprised and defined itself as the best offer

3. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
If you expected a certain model to be the most watched this year, it certainly is Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultrawhich was just a few days ago and declared the phone of the year in the selection of Benchmark editors. It took the third most watched place in 2023, but it should be noted that the Unboxing video of this device was even more watched than the review itself – believe it or not. However, since we stick exclusively to the reviews themselves, the Galaxy S23 Ultra remains only one step behind Motorola’s Edge 40, and two steps behind its partner from Samsung.

The S23 arrived without significant design changes compared to the previous year, but under the hood a lot has changed for the better…

4. Redmi Note 12 Pro
Just a few thousand views less than the S23 Ultra phone, the phone had Redmi Note 12 Pro which is highly valued in its segment here. Every year, a new offshoot of the Redmi Note Pro series attracts a lot of attention from technology lovers both in our country and in the surrounding area, so this time it couldn’t be any different.

This year’s Redmi Note 12 Pro brought changes exactly where the audience was looking for them – although in essence there were not too many differences compared to the models from previous seasons.

5. Apple iPhone 14 series
In the fifth place of the 10 most viewed reviews with twice as many views compared to one year younger brothers from the iPhone 15 series (at the time of writing this text), there were phones from 2022. iPhone 14 even after the initial release on our YT channel (October 6, 2022), had a huge number of views in 2023, which we can also expect for series 15 – but next year.

The new generation of iPhone 14 and 14 Pro phones brought not so significant, but subtle improvements. Because the team that wins every year does not need to be radically changed.

6. Honor Magic5 Lite
We have already moved into the second half of the list of the most viewed reviews of the Benchmark YouTube channel. Right behind iPhone devices, which cannot boast of great battery life, comes one device that can – Honor Magic5 Lite. It is a phone of a lower segment but with great features, and among them the duration of the battery unit stands out, which is its main trump card.

Honor Magic5 Lite brought champion battery life and the best phone screen in this class of device – and not that it is the best – but by far the best!

7. Huawei P60 Pro
In seventh place was the phone that, besides the iPhone 14 series, is the only one that does not belong to the GMS ecosystem, but this is not a big obstacle because this device comes with EMUI 13.1 and Gbox preinstalled. Of course, as with the previous phones of the P series. and Huawei P60 Pro as a trump card it has great photos.

The hybrid zoom on the high resolution telephoto camera is just as good as the optical, and the night performance of all cameras is simply unreal.

8. Honor 90
Eighth on this list of the most viewed device reviews, after the Honor Magic5 Lite, there is another device from this company, this time an extremely serious device from the mid-range segment – Honor 90.

The Honor 90 is a much-anticipated model due to the two excellent phones we’ve seen since the beginning of the year. Did the expectations meet the legacy of the Honor 70 model? Absolutely!

9. Samsung Galaxy S23+
The penultimate in the Top 10 most viewed reviews is the third in order from the Samsung line, and the second from the Galaxy S23 series. It is not the vanilla model, but its larger version with the suffix Plus.

The shadow cast by the Ultra version of the Galaxy S phone is so large that it was difficult for other representatives of the S23 series to position themselves. How well he succeeded in that Samsung Galaxy S23+?

10. Xiaomi 13 i 13 Pro
The last review in the Benchmark YouTube channel’s top 10 most viewed reviews is the dedicated one Xiaomi 13 i 13 Pro devices. Its predecessors in the seventh, eighth and ninth places are only a negligible thousand-two views away, but devices such as the Galaxy A34 and Honor Magic5 Pro, which are in the 11th and 12th places, are just as far behind in the number of views, so on this list it can easily advance a couple of positions or slip from it by as much in the next few days until the end of this year, 2023.

It was the 10 most viewed reviews from the Benchmark YouTube channel. This is how we send off this year, we have a leap year ahead of us, which, we hope, will bring us all a better situation on the mobile phone market, new opportunities brought by the combination of artificial intelligence and top technology.

Benchmark YouTube channel exceeded 150,000 subscribers this year – THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST!

And finally, if you missed it, a few days ago we presented the best phones for 2023 in the traditional special, according to the opinion and choice of the Benchmark editors.

Be sure to watch this Benchmark YouTube video, if you haven’t already, and tell us in the comments which are your favorites for this year and the next, so we’ll see you with the next list this time in 2024. Happy Holidays!